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True faith is an act of spiritual sensitivity

Listen beloved children of God...true faith is not an act of emotional earthly behavior, but an act of spiritual heavenly sensitivity...it's an act of you surrendering within your spirit what you want...it's a witness within your spirit that cause you to surrender, trust and follow God...yes...true faith brings about a yielding in your spirit, that when operative, true faith becomes a spiritual force that causes you to surrender what you see, through your fleshly eyes and causes you to begin to see, what God sees, through your spiritual eyes...it's the act of you taking on the very eyesight and vision of God...for God sees that all things are possible...your eyes must see that all things are possible. You must move your fleshly eyes out of the way and begin to use your spiritual eyes, to plow your way through...by believing, by trusting and by obeying God at His Word. To God be the glory!

Pastor Donnell