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     There’s a blazing fire in you, just waiting to be ignited…There’s a forest fire in you, just waiting to spread…You are a man on fire for Jesus…You are a woman on fire for Jesus…You are a house on fire for Jesus…You are a city on fire for Jesus…You are a nation on fire for Jesus...You are a church on fire for Jesus...You are not normal…You are not average...You are not ordinary…You were born for a purpose...You have a divine destiny inside you...You were created in the image of God…You were fashioned in the likeness of God…You are not man-made...YOU ARE GOD-MADE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Pastor Donnell



Current Programs

Operation Saturation is a city-wide initiative where Christian churches, independent ministries and individuals unite together to host evangelism and outreach events throughout

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On behalf of our Senior Pastor Donnell A Vigers, and the entire congregation we want to welcome you with open arms to The Church on Fire Christian Center "where we worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth". We want to extend an invitation to you to visit us. At the Church on Fire, you'll meet people who will love you and accept you for who you are. We're building up not tearing down so come visit us and we'll meet you right where you are in life and we'll journey together in knowing more about the love of God through Jesus Christ and how we are to share that love with one another.

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