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"The church needs this manifestation of revival awakening

In times of Salvation, the church needs this manifestation of revival awakening for functioning and operating in this new era of salvation, so as to move and press forward with apostolic power and apostolic fire to enter into a greater dimension of advancing the Kingdom of God, for indeed, the Sent Ones are being gathered and sent to build up the old places, to raise up the former desolations, to repair and clean up cities that lay in ruins, to revive and restore cities that lay in waste...to resurrect the dead in spirit...to revive the brokenhearted...to forgive and give life to the contrite heart, to search out, to visit and to rescue the forgotten cities, the forgotten areas and the forgot regions and also to the nations that lay in ruins, in spirit, because they are without God. Indeed, the breath of God has ushered in a fresh wind of salvation in this new era...this new beginning...this new season of greater glory, yes, a fresh wind of salvation...a fresh wind of fire, I say, that this apostolic move of God's grace will continue to be poured out across this city, across this nation and then out to the world with an ever flooding of God's Spirit, thereby, sparking revival...initiating church mobilization...reformation...restoration...rebuilding...establishing order...correcting...tearing down and building up the Church to bring about a lasting transformation in believers. "My Sent Ones" says The Lord "Are being gathered together...yes gathering from afar...gathering from across the seas...gathering from across the nations...gathering from the north, the south, the east and the west, for indeed, the wide expansion of the wide waters cannot contain them anymore...for I have issued a call to bring My people together for action...to make them come together for deployment...to make an army ready for war...to put My people into movement and circulation to be stirred up for service...to assemble and make ready for war duty...to takeover...and to release to the nations. I have commanded their gifts to come forth to serve and be made available for My will. The Sent Ones will line up in order and in rank before me to be given special tasks, given special orders and given special assignments. Indeed, the grace has been given to them to accomplish this exploit. There has been great shaking and an awakening in My Church, the branches have been shaken. Old things have passed away, look and see that all things have become new. Those that have been in the wilderness for seasons of testing and preparation are being gathered together and called out to regions. They will be awaken from their time of testing and their awaited time of destiny fulfillment...for as salvation sweeps across this city and out to the nations, buildings shall be restored...cities shall be resurrected...forgotten areas shall be rebuilt...new roads have I laid for this new dispensation of salvation; whereby, where it took you years to get to a place, a destination or to impact a region, it will only take you months and not years...for these roads have been built with spiritual hands...for unity in the Spirit is the key...and having My vision is the way." says The Lord

Pastor Donnell