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"Get ready for turnaround", says the Lord

Get ready child of God for a total turnaround in your life and in your situation…an exceedingly great turnaround I declare to you” says the Lord “That though through your various tests and trials, you have experience a little weariness, but know that I, The Lord, am perfecting you and placing you on a firm foundation. I am restoring you from your broken state of disappointment and bringing you into a place of wholeness and satisfaction. I am redirecting you, so as to give you a new assignment and an awaited promotion...special use I tell you,” says the Lord “Be strong…be bold…be confident...don’t doubt yourself…don't second guess yourself...don’t get distracted…stay focused...listen to My voice. I am establishing you in a fixed position to which you cannot be moved. I am making you firm and stable for what I have prepared you for. I am molding you for something great that will be amazing to your eyes. I am shaping you for something mind-blowing that will be marvelous to your eyes. I am strengthening you for what lies ahead, for indeed, I have put you through the fire and I have found you to be worthy of the assignment. I am putting in your hands something you have not asked me for, but because of your obedience and faithfulness to the little things I have given you, I am entrusting to you more. Get ready for your life to change...get ready for your life to increase...get ready to move faster...get ready to go higher…for My Spirit is brooding and hovering over your life and your situation and getting ready to plant new seeds of opportunity in your life...get prepared…for these seeds will grow quickly. I am shifting you to a better place and an unexpected position you do not perceive...I say be willing…be ready…be open…,” says the Lord

Pastor Donnell/Church on Fire