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"Awake, Arise, Ascend, Advance", says the Lord

It's time to mobilize and rally up the troops. The time for your voices to be heard is at hand...It's time to blow the trumpets...for My army is being assembled together...for your voices must be heard...This remnant army that I have chosen, called and prepared is treading upon the mountaintops and hilltops camping like that of those soldiers waiting for further instructions...prepping up for battle...For even the ground can testify of their coming and of their appointed time of arrival...I have put them through the fire...yes, I have tested them as gold and silver that's refined in the furnace...yes dipped into the fire...They have been tested, tried and found worthy for this very purpose...for this very assignment and for this very apostolic mandate...Indeed locust and honey are their choice of food while treading in the wilderness...They know what it feels like to have and to have not...for they are content with the Master's voice...the Master's purpose...the Master's will...for this remnant knows My ways and know that I am faithful and just, indeed as My servant Moses has testified of My ways, yes, this remnant is after mine own heart and seeks to please me...seeks to see My kingdom come and My will being done on earth, in this city and out to the nations...For this remnant that I have raised up and nurtured on the way, are being raised up to be a voice to this city and to this nation...to sound the trumpet out to the nations of this world...for their voices must be heard...for they are bold in speech and possess a lion-hearted spirit that will not easily give up...for they possess a winning heart…a heart that will persevere despite opposition; Indeed, it’s a winning heart…it's a strong heart...a bold heart...a heart that is motivated to seeing My will being done and My purposes being fulfilled and established here on earth as it is in Heaven...This remnant know not fear nor do they know the feeling of giving up...for they have crossed over the threshold of defeat and have persevered through the threshold of failure and lack thereof. Truly, they have crossed the barriers of disbelief and discouragement...for the Word of the Lord is their joy, their strength and their motivation...They will not listen to another...they will not follow another...they will not obey another, they will not be driven away or thrown off course by another voice...for they are sure and confident concerning the mandate upon their lives...They will not be persuaded by another voice taking them to and fro by every wind of doctrine, but this remnant, I say, will listen to the voice of their Master, He who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. For truth, righteousness and holiness is their choice of food. Holiness and righteousness is their mandate and lifestyle. I can hear the footsteps of the soldiers as they tread across the rough vast terrains moving swiftly in the spirit...for indeed they will declare that My church be unified...they will truly be a voice crying in the wilderness declaring "prepare ye the way of The Lord...makes His path straight"...for standing in the midst of you is My army of Chariots of fire...Open your eyes so you may see the innumerable company of angels encamped around about you...for you are not alone...you are not abandoned...you are not forgotten…Oh child, do you not see the horses in your midst?...Do you not see the chariots of fire encamped in the midst of you?...For they are waiting for your instructions...they are there to help you...to assist you...to minister unto you...to push you...to encourage you to press on...to plow the way for you...to move barriers out of your way...They are there to show you the way that I have chosen for you....So stand strong and be courageous. Have I not promised that I will never leave you nor forsake you?....

For my angels are whispering in your ears: "Awake, Arise, Ascend, Advance", says The Lord

Pastor Donnell/Church on Fire